Choosing the right shell - Fish shell

Why fish


I need a good shell out of the box, oh-my-xxx are still too much work.

Use Fish shell.


People spend a lot of time-wasting time on things that don't matter (much). I should do something productive or shag. Wasting my time polishing my shell setup is a bit too much.

Of course, there is oh-my-bash and oh-my-zsh and oh-my-fish if needed.

My Setup

I use Fish as the desktop shell on my Linux and macOS computers, there is a Windows version as well... but I don't use it.

Scripting is the only problem I've had with Fish as I like the idea to have universal and portable scripting, and I'll not install Fish on any server/headless server.

For this reason, for scripting, I'll use bash and for more involved scripts python3 or jbang depending on the situation.

To my readers

Please enjoy some information about Fish.