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The tools can actually make your life better

As a developer, you are expected to write code but let's be honest you need to use much more than notepad.exe at work. Make no mistake this article (and series) will not be about Visual Studio Code and its collection of plugins. Sure nowadays Visual Studio Code is the go-to editor for many of us, I use it at work and in hobby development but I use so much more tools to make my life easier and more productive. I'll show them to you.

The tools

So as there are many blog posts about Linux, IDEs and K8s they mostly describe the tool in isolation. And the use of Eclipse is a no-brainer when it comes to software development terminal windows can help you with more than just running build and starting some commands.

Let's install and configure those machines to make your life better.

The basics

I assume that you use or can use command-line tools, if you are not there yet I'll help. If you can use some Unix based environment you are so lucky, and by Unix environment I mean any GNU/Linux distribution, macOS or WSL2, bash from Git Bash on Windows will work too, not as great as Linux but BigCorpo sometimes has is limitations, there are ways to deal with that too.

So the next article will be about console and terminals.

Higher-level tools

Some tools are small and do just one thing but very well. Some do the same thing but can help you and take a lot from your shoulders.

The Integrated

Some tools are integrated, they keep you locked inside and provide all you need. Will speak about them too.

This blog

I'm editing this post as I decided to change my approach to blogging. I'll not blog.

As this implies writing to someone and helping him, and takes time. I'll rather write a diary to myself with all the ideas and tools I'm playing with so I don't need to look up in browser history for that page where it was described.

It will be all for me, in short, but explained way. Hey you can read it to, and I home you will like it :)

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